Revenue solutions and sales solutions to seamlessly align yesterday with our goals for tomorrow.

Elevated Reporting to drive revenue and impact to your bottom line in the most efficient and positive way.

  • Portfolio & Hotel Dashboard

  • Daily Automated Report

  • Detailed 365 Day Outlook

  • Customized Reporting

  • 16+ PMS System Supported

Revenue emails are great, but what does it all mean?

Did we maximize our mix of business and meet yesterday’s revenue goal? What about the daily market segmentation breakdown – did it help or hurt my Revpar? Do our future bookings and groups maximize our revenue or are we leaving money on the table? The key to optimizing your daily revenue management is to analyze what happened yesterday and integrate that data into helping tomorrow. Our Elevated Daily Emails will efficiently and effectively bring all your hotel data together in a single interactive space so we can maximize RevPar while eliminating revenue inefficiencies.

  • Hotel and Portfolio Rollup 7 days a week
    • Daily, weekly, monthly revenue stats within few clicks (7 days a week pickup details sent through email)
    • OTBs, Pace, Last Year, Forecast, and Budget comparisons
    • View Portfolio Rollup in on snapshot
    Hotel and Portfolio Rollup 7 days a week
  • Daily Segment Breakdown
    • Overview of full portfolio and drill down into individual properties.
    • See Daily Pickup by segment and vs. Last Year Actuals
    • View OCC, ADR and Revpar stats in a quick interactive view
    • Review Revenue and Sales KPI’s all in one place
    • Efficient and Effective Revenue Calls with data vs. Reporting numbers
    • Seamless transition from Sales to Revenue with a quick click
    • OTA Channel Management and Analysis
    • Drills deeper into Market Segmentation
    • Identify shortcomings and miss opportunities quickly and efficiently
    • Get interactive with your stats and ELEVATE your future revenues
    Daily Segment Breakdown
  • Customizable Reporting
    • Extensive Detail with all parameters including Rate Code, Segment, Room Type, and Day of Week
    • Month End Reports with all details
    • Filter by Cancelled, Check In/Out, No Show
    • Filter options by Lead Time
    Customizable Reporting
Do my Sales and Revenue strategies work together or against each other?

Most management groups or hotel owners have an in-house Sales Team working on one strategy and brand-based Revenue Management working on another. They meet once a week for 30 minutes to discuss semantics – what happened last week, what new business is signed, and what groups have picked up. Rarely are they really focused on how they can help each other maximize their sales and revenue strategies. At Elevat3, we focus on signing the right business, with the right value, at the right time – instead of throwing random “Sales” darts at a proverbial “Revenue” dartboard. Our sales and revenue teams communicate before we sign future business, not after it is signed. We weigh all options and review the market trends before they happen, allowing us to adjust our sales strategies in real time. We take great pride in using a proactive team approach to maximize your Revpar and increase both your top and bottom line!

Elevat3 uses advanced segmentation, compression, and rate analytics to simplify your decision-making process, enhancing your sales strategies and saving your sales team valuable time. Our Elevated Sales Software delivers the most powerful sales and revenue solutions to become pro-active and provide actionable insights to maximize your top and bottom line!.

    • Corporate and Local Negotiated Account Data – with Quick and Detailed overviews. – Easy view to see accounts mix of % that book on sellout dates for RFP strategy.
    • Real-time price Optimization and Instant Analysis.
    • Group Tracking with Real-time Statistics. – Includes Group Displacement tool.
    • Multi-property Management – View your Sales Portfolio from top to bottom.
    • Empowers proactive Decision-making on future Groups and Negotiated rates.
    • State of the Art Daily Reports and Analytics.
    • In Depth Daily Rollup of Portfolio – Detailing Production and Execution.
  • Elevated Sales Strategies
    Elevating your Sales strategy requires that you consider a few tough questions!
    • Do we really sell or are we just order takers?.
    • Are we signing every Group, Corporate or Local rate that comes our way?.
    • Do we oversell groups during high compression periods and lose revenue?.
    • Is my contract really a contract or do our terms hurt our bottom line?.
    • Do we really have a sales strategy or just a yearly forecast that we need to hit?.

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